Zen Ballz

A fast and furious physics based game for iPhone where you shoot ballz down the screen to destroy a rising wave of colored pegs. Tap or touch and drag on the screen and point the red arrow where you want to shoot. Your score will increase for each peg you hit.

You start with a single ball per shot and pegs that explode after 1 or two hits. As you play you will accumulate more balls per shot but the pegs become more resilient too. There are several kinds of pegs to keep it interesting, including sticks of dynamite that will clear half the screen. Just remember, if ANY peg scrolls off the top of the screen, you lose. Earn life-preserver tokens by clearing the screen and for every 5000 points scored. Then, if  things get out of hand you can redeem a token and pop up to two troublesome pegs to keep on playing... 

There are 2 game levels, easy and hard. There's also zen-mode which is a satisfying eternal-play mode when you just want some satisfying mayhem.

© Timothy Corcoran 2020