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Yachats (yah-hahts) is a fresh take on YachtZ for the iPhone and iPad. No cartoon characters or gimmicks, just great gameplay. Gorgeous ray-traced dice, cool animation, subtle sounds & music mean you’ll never get distracted (or bored) by a flashy interface. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s Yachats. 

  • A universal app for iPhone/iTouch and iPad
  • Single screen gameplay, no scrolling or menus to choose your score
  • Ray-traced dice images & roll animation - choose anytime from metal, wood or stone dice
  • Solo and two-player modes
  • Fully resumable
  • Scorecard for at-a-glance game stats + Hall of Fame shows best scores ever.
  • Plays great over your iTunes soundtrack
  • Scoring follows US standard rules, including Yachats bonus & wildcard scoring 

I'm addicted, so much fun to play…

    ..Thank God for yachats..            Great app design of classic game...
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